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Who is or what is Meta Life?

Meta Life deals with topics like change, system, complexity, innovation, trends, network, artificial intelligence, development, energy, creativity, economy, politics, communication, PR, control mechanisms, ecosystems, psyche and health. These topics form the foundation for lasting and visible changes, it is in the private life or in the business life.

Furthermore physical reality examines Birol Isik, the connections between the background processes on the Meta Ebene and this one. In the process of advice this has the following advantages for the businessman:

Read/write head repositioning during the crisis
better branding
more efficient market processing
Creation of new services and products
Competitive advantage
Cost optimisation

Advantages for private persons
lasting and visible changes by optimization of the mental processes
Increase of the life energy
Strengthening of the personal Kerns
Perspective change of this “ me-consciousness „to this“ us-consciousness „
Creativity support
Increase of the momentum
better communication

If the individual areas are coordinated with each other, the operating system of an enterprise runs perfectly. It just the same also is in the private life. Among other things dysfunctions arise when conflicts of interest are available.

Symbol video is shown beautifully – here: The same interests and similar values are existing, who a system can be created more than the sum of the individual parts forms which. Among other things values form the basis for a long-term relation, it is on business or else also private. You do not come in here on indicators which produce dynamics in this process.

Welcome to Meta Life


Everything arises and falls the Meta Ebene – here

Do you know the keywords which have been the reason that you have found this page now? Reject you, which Keywords are responsible for it why you do what you do? Can you have influence on this process?

Most people know nothing for the Meta Welt about Keywords and. Among other things the reason lies in it that they are caught and also turned away in solid patterns of thought. Seminars Youtube videos and lectures listen to them, the mosts do not manage to escape from the usual samples identically how many, coaching.

However, you are different. Why? Because you have landed here. You deal with something which escapes many. Nothing wants the majority to have to do with what because it could be heavy or complicated.

Can it be that you are on the search for the truth? Are you, that on the search for a code Snippet your life can change lastingly? Do you want to understand how you can achieve lasting successes in your life? Is it this? Or even rather?

Everybody speaks about the reality and truth.

What is actually the truth? Is there sowas like truth at all? Does give correctly or wrongly at all? Is it chance, this we are here? What are we doing actually here on this planet? Is it money, power, glory, an experiment or is it all about something more profound anyway?

The Meta Welt who wants to understand better, must have an awake mind and think integrally. Knowledge from the areas of communication, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, physiology, anatomy and digitalization forms the foundation for lasting changes.

Most people do not fail only to this, that they do not know the topics mentioned above, but to this that they are caught for Welt ego in hers. You are not susceptible to valuable information at all or do not want to be at all it.

The Meta Ebene looks symbol video, as it on. The processes and the pattern formation are steered by the corresponding values, convictions, conditionings, mental programmings and emotions strongly. (Video at the end of blog)

Meta Life Keywords

We need Keywords everywhere. It be real Welt (Meta-Reality) digital Welt (Meta World) in this one or in which. Ever improve we understand how influence these keywords our thinking and consequently also our actions, all the better can follow our regulation we. Among other things this basic understanding forms the foundation to be able to cause lasting changes. Which one setting the process of change indicators and methods in corridor, being not explained here.

Which keywords have weight in your life?

In my life, e.g. were the following Keywords stamping

Video > The spirit works through himself so (symbol video – by the Meta-Welt. The information forms the corresponding bases for this. I share increase over the control mechanisms and influencing of the matter in the Mind Building course as of 2022. Please make contact at interest via contact form without obligation) – 

(Pls Note: Video at the end of blog)


Meta Life Keyword communication

The communication is not carried out Meta Communication for Ebene (communication on the Metaebene – ) on the physical one

The corresponding are Meta Porte Meta Access entry to this to the Limbischen system and into the unconscious one importantly ( – interface into the physical one Welt).

Meta Community (communication, influencing control on thinking and feeling conditions and communication by EMF)

Programme – source code – needs prerequisite background data one to be able select Meta Daten around which Meta Daten (one corresponding Skills)

The like-minded – application can be made (Meta Club) – a union on inquiry.

The people focus themselves on superficial things instead of on the essential Mind Building. A healthy body cannot be fit without a healthy spirit. Exactly for this reason the focus on the intellectual development should be put. Details in the Mind Building programme (as of 2022)
Meta Life – mental programming

To changes be able to cause Ebene on the physical one corresponding processes in the brain and on which must be activated Meta Learning for Meta Ebene. It is not all about a subjective reality with this but rather around the collective one. The foundation for this is created in the Mind Building programme of Birol Isik.

Meta Life (action the same reaction. Cause the same effect. Exactly after this scheme)

E.g. the word Swiss triggers much Meta Link in me (links on the Meta Ebene. The very dynamic processes and the complexity decide like me the Welt sees. Birol Isik explains details in the Mind Building programme)

Further known links by Keywords:

For 20 minutes arouses the thought of the tabloid at many. If a little free is, can have a value then it? No. Because quality has its price

Many people take EMS to connection with Christoph Blocher. But there are also other possibilities as the association with an EMS chemistry.

Many think of bodybuilder or physical fitness athlete if we talk about physical fitness. Gives also around the mental physical fitness.

As soon as one speaks about Leadership, very many have a negative picture. There are people who do not know the difference between a leader and a boss and therefore react appropriately funny.

Communication is not the same for talks. There are misunderstandings also again and again.

How much strength you can Meta Power produce (strength – on the Meta Ebene. The efficiency of a man depends strongly on whether he can produce sufficient energy.

The increase about this into coaching of Birol Isik: Personal Power & business Power

Meta Hacking – optimization of the processes (source code/subconscious/the unconscious, u.v.m.)

Do projects realize Meta Life however how?

Most people do not understand systems. A chaotic life results from him. The other ones consequently always are to blame. But the life does not work so. Who is not satisfied with his life only can grab and change the things, himself if he on the Meta Ebene reprogramed or updated.

Meta-Project – Me, Myself and I? Or WE?

Who wants to give its life a meaning must deal with algorithm, digitalization, semantics and many wider topics and this use theoretical in its life.

The highest layer of being is then reached if man has understood, has experienced it consciously and can share the knowledge in form of a service or a product (Meta-Economy, Meta engineering, Meta system, Meta Network) correspondingly the read.


Meta Network

Meta Network is consisting of experts in different sectors a global network. Ausschliesslich persons and companies which correspond to our basic values are in this network.

Your advantages as a business customer or private customer
To be able to offer our customers the best, global events are analysed and evaluated correspondingly in the background (Meta App). The Meta Ebene analytically is more important (than Meta-analytic), can take appropriately also good decisions then only whom on.

Caution: Meta Analytic & Meta Programm is not customers only for business but also suitable for private customers.
We take into account your privacy (Meta Privacy). We never publish customer data (feedbacks) neither of company customers nor of private persons.

Meta Life – our services

Birol Isik is an expert in the area of communication, leadership and processes of change. By its long-standing (almost 20 years) job as coach and mentor of numerous private persons and company customers (International) it disposes experience of a complex knowledge and much. It offers you its experiences and its valuable knowledge in the areas of digitalization, communication, development of the organisation and mental strength and mentoring on in the form of consultations. Take contact away with us without obligation at interest here.

Attention! Due to numerous inquiries it cannot consider every interested party. The more details it has over your request and your person, the more soonly the probability that it gets in touch with you is.

Buying Meta Keywords for your web site

You have set up an enterprise of your own and want to optimize your web page or reach more potential customer?
Birol Isik has worked with high-quality tools for years. The reach of your web page wants (Meta Webdesign) to increase, the team then can deliver the best Keywords of Birol Isik for you if you. Through this you create the basis to increase the visibility in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, start page, yandex. baidu etc. For this you can solve a Meta Keyword subscription.

Make contact, if you should wish advice (Meta Marketing agency), incl. an individual web site tailored to your business model, with us without obligation here then.

(Buy here Keywords for your Company – Or get in touch)

Meta Marketing Agency Switzerland

Durch die Digitalisierung ist alles dynamischer und somit auch komplexer geworden. Umso wichtiger ist eine klare Positionierung und eine durchdachte Strategie.

Um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben müssen Unternehmen eine einzigartige und unverwechselbare Marke erschaffen. Dies kann nur gelingen, wenn auch eine entsprechende Unternehmenskultur herrscht, in welcher die Unternehmenswerte nicht nur klar definiert, sondern auch gelebt werden.

Diese ganzheitliche Betrachtungsweise fliesst stets in unsere Analysen und Lösungsansätze mit ein. Gerne beraten wir auch Sie.

Marketing ist der Motor Ihres Unternehmens. Sie können die besten Produkte und Dienstleistungen haben, wenn niemand davon Bescheid weiss, machen Sie keinen Umsatz.

Eine nachhaltige Marketingstrategie ist dabei genau so entscheidend, wie der Einsatz der richtigen Marketinginstrumente. Insbesondere das digitale Marketing entscheidet in der heutigen Geschäftswelt massgeblich über Erfolg oder Misserfolg.

Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter sind dabei die Botschafter des Unternehmens. Daher ist auch die interne Kommunikation genau so wichtig, wie die Kommunikation nach aussen.

Ein gutes Marketing alleine reicht nicht, wenn die entsprechenden Verkaufs- und Kommunikationsskills nicht vorhanden sind bzw. nicht angeeignet und trainiert werden. 

Gute Verkäufer / Unternehmer verfügen daher nicht nur über fundierte Fachkenntnisse, sondern auch über emotionale Intelligenz und ausgezeichnete kommunikative Fähigkeiten. Diese Bereiche zu vernetzen und zu coachen ist Birol Isik’s Stärke und Leidenschaft.

Ob in Verkaufsschulungen, Verkaufsseminaren, Trainings on the job oder 1-to-1 Coachings. Bei Bedarf unterstützen wir auch Sie oder Ihre Mitarbeiter in diesem Bereich.